Sustainability study

Our reflections for a rural virtual hub

Time to reflect for the future

It is expected to explore in which degree the training activities, the methodological insights and the educational tools of the project have been integrated in the different clusters, highlighting the innovations that occurred to enable the transfer of knowledge to the different layers.

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Supporting the virtual hub

The aim of the study is to combine all the information gathered throughout the project into a synthesis that will be directly useful for local actors and institutions, public and private, as it concerns planning, mutual help, cooperation and sustainability.

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Filling the gap

In many projects, there are so many deliverables and studies that it is hard to grasp all the complexity. We want to make sure that the information and expertise collected throughout this project are compiled in a way that everything can easily be accessed by the main stakeholders, end users, and actors of rural areas.

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Not only positive things

We believe that we have to assess everything. What worked and what didn’t. In this way, we can become more resilient for the future.


Download the file with the main reflections and analysis from this amazing journey!

Each partner will work on different case studies. We want to share the main critical points and make them easy to read. In this way, anyone can understand what has happened and follow the different steps for a more resilient future.

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