Training for rural

production – culture – environment

Free training for rural entrepreneurs

The topics to be covered are:

sustainable development in rural areas’ agriculture and stockbreeding, valorisation of traditional production activities in a global and digital sociocultural and economic system, synergies with other production sectors, education and cultural heritage institutions, integrative and distinguishable local branding, local empowerment through peer-to-peer interaction, coordination and networking skills, formation of clusters and hubs, grounding production in its
cultural and historical context, storytelling added-value.


Why we need life long learning

Learning through our life is what makes life an interesting journey. Continuous learning makes us more resilient and more capable to react to life changes.

feeding cows in a farm


Real-life situations

We want to make learning as closest as possible to what rural entrepreneurs live in their everyday life.


Ground-based work

The different scenarios, approaches, material etc. will be taken throughout the project because we believe in peer-to-peer learning. There is not an educator and there is not a learner in absolute terms. We are all here to share and get stronger.